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You will learn things such as... how to over come the difference between doing and dreaming, learning how to promote your offers and affiliate offers in such a manner people can't resist and learn to overcome mental road blocks that may be or are holding you back from the success you deserve and how to deal with opportunities you may have over looked without even knowing it.

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Are ready to learn how to provide your potential customers with a promise of value that will peak their interest and secure their opt-in to your list?

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Here you'll join Melinda and Omar Martin ( AKA, Team Martin) as they interview John Thornhill on being a super affiliate and taking control of product launch leaderboards.

The MP4 video was recorded on the weekly live training webinar that Team Martin does every Thursday night at 9 pm exclusively for the members of My Unfair Advantage Membership site.

And just for the record it is not a FREE Membership site and they just reached an amazing milestone and completed episode #300, Now that's dedication.

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Advanced Traffic Blueprint Video Series

These ADVANCED TECHNIQUES To Successfully Drive THOUSANDS Of Visitors To Your Website And Boost Your Business & Profits Even Faster!

You will get all 10 exclusive, step-by-step tutorial videos that show you the exact tools, techniques and top tips to effectively and successfully drive loads more traffic to your web offers. 

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We all know that it is a proven fact that "the money is in the list." But in this day and age it is harder to get your emails seen by your email subscribers.

Well what if you had a very successful 7 figure online earner willing to share his secrets about better email marketing with you, would that help? You bet it would!

Well Omar Martin is that exact person and in this video you will learn what it takes to get your emails seen in your subscribers inbox, how to get your emails opened by your subscribers, and how to get your links to your offers that are in your sent emails clicked on.

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If you haven't already started building an email list yet, then I have to ask why not? And if that is the case, you need to start building your subscriber lists right now.

With this awesome video series you get the details on exactly what an email list, how you can use it to maximize your profits, and you will even learn some really great methods for building your email lists quickly and easily.

This is the ultimate kick start package for your to get started amping up your online email marketing efforts.

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